Kara Sevda Summer Tour

Rehearsal Shenanigans | Kara Sevda Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Rehearsal Shenanigans | Kara Sevda Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Welcome! We couldn't be more excited for you to join us on tour this summer as we travel across the United States, Canada, and Scotland! Find our entire festival schedule below and also a tour calendar. Keep checking back as we get more information about exact dates, times, and booking!

Currently Performing:

3) Lyric Center for the Arts (Virginia, MN)
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June 2nd @ 7:00PM
June 3rd @ 7:00PM
June 4th @ 2:30PM
June 9th @ 7:00PM
June 10th @ 7:00PM
June 11th @ 2:30PM

4) PortFringe Theater Festival (Portland, ME)
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June 17th @ 5:45pm
June 20th @ 9:15pm
June 21st @ 9:15pm

5) The Toronto Fringe (Toronto, ON) 
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July 6th @ 10:00pm
July 8th @ 7:30pm
July 9th @ 3:30pm
July 10th @ 6:45pm
July 12th @ 11:30pm
July 13th @ 1:45pm
July 15th @7:30pm

6) Capital Fringe (Washington, D.C) at Shopkeepers
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July 12th @ 7:30PM
July 16th @ 12:45PM
July 19th @ 5:00PM
July 21st @ 10:45PM
July 22nd @ 8:45PM

7) Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Edinburgh, Scotland) at Greenside Venue 
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August 4th - August 28th; Performs every day at 10PM (except SUNDAYS)

Previously Performed:

1) Ithaca Fringe Festival (Ithaca, NY) at Circus Culture
April 20th - 23rd; Awards: Audience Choice

2) Tampa International Fringe Festival (Tampa, FL) at Silver Meteor Gallery
May 11th - 14th; Recommended Review: Creative Loafing