Surprise Review!

We're so excited to present a review from our time at Ithaca Fringe Festival in April:

The writing is vivid and evokes a terrifying, all-too-believable world; the acting is truthful and detailed; the direction is focused; and the sound design is both subtle and affecting. See it if you can.
— Amina Omari

Check out the entire review here, for an insightful and lovely look into the world of the play (but beware of minor spoilers). And if you're still in Portland catch our FINAL SHOW of Kara Sevda at PortFringe TONIGHT at 9:15pm!

Fantastic pre-show shot taken by audience member  @TBBackus !

Fantastic pre-show shot taken by audience member @TBBackus!

xx, the NWT team 


We made it and we couldn't be more excited to be in Portland for the next week! Our first show on Saturday evening was a great success and already we're overwhelmed by the warm welcome we've received!  

We have TWO more shows here at PortFringe where we'll be performing at Portland Stage Studio Theatre! Catch us TONIGHT (Tues 6/20) at 9:15pm & TOMORROW (Wed 9/21) at 9:15pm! Tickets available at the door!

We're also extremely proud to have received our first review here in Portland; check out this FIRST LOOK recommended review:

The two actors had a definite chemistry and produced quick, sharp banter, but the real draw of the show was their individual monologues…
— Mackenzie Mae

xx, the NWT team! 

Kara Sevda Trailer!

While we adventure from Minnesota to Maine this week (preparing for PortFringe) we couldn't be prouder to present our first Kara Sevda trailer featuring: Tierney Nolen as Celia, William Foote as Rhys, and original music by Ross Somerville (see below)!

We'll be performing with PortFringe at Portland Stage and tickets will be available at the door:

SAT 6/17 @ 5:45pm (tomorrow)
TUE 6/20 @ 9:15pm
WED 6/21 @ 9:15pm

We're so excited to be back in a Fringe Festival with so many talented artists, performers, and musicians! Will we see you in Portland this week? Make sure to say hello after the show - we love getting the opportunity to chat with our audience! 

xx, the NTW team

Kara Sevda Journeys to Virginia, MN

Honoring Mary McReynolds (Executive Director at the Lyric Center) for her Arts Advocacy Award - May 26th!

Honoring Mary McReynolds (Executive Director at the Lyric Center) for her Arts Advocacy Award - May 26th!

The Kara Sevda team have made their way to Virginia, Minnesota and boy are they having a blast! Tierney, William, and Kaija road tripped from Siesta Key, Florida to Minnesota in 3 days - passing through Georgia, Tennesee, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa - until finally reaching Minnesota! They had a wonderful time making some pit-stops along the way and exploring this gorgeous country!

Now, they're in Minnesota full-time performing at the Lyric Center for the Arts right in downtown Virginia. After a wonderful first weekend - the team spent the week promoting the show - check out this lovely write up in The Mesabi Daily News about the show, the company, and our time at the Lyric. We had just a fantastic time talking with Leah Ryan and we're so grateful to the paper for coming to chat with us!

Kaija, William, and Tierney have also started hosting a PUB QUIZ to promote the show - winners receive tickets to Kara Sevda (and maybe another special treat)! Come grab a beer, try your hand at some trivia, and learn more about the show! Find us at 218 Taphouse at 7PM on Wednesdays - we'd love to see you there!

If you're in Minnesota, don't forget to catch the show EVERY WEEKEND until mid June at they Lyric Center for the Arts (book tickets now!)

Saturday May 27th @ 7:00PM
Sunday May 28th @ 2:30PM

Friday June 2nd @ 7:00PM
Saturday June 3rd @ 7:00PM
Sunday June 4th @ 2:30PM

Friday June 9th @ 7:00PM
Saturday June 10th @ 7:00PM
Sunday June 11th @ 2:30PM

The NWT Team! x

Festival Finale & First Review!


There you have it, Tampa Fringe has come to a close after an incredibly successful and exciting weekend! We're so thankful to have been apart of the inaugural year down here in Tampa and to have met so many talented and supportive artists! We had a great run with wonderful audiences and saw some stunning work from our fellow fringers!

We also got our first tour review from Creative Loafing Tampa, who called Kara Sevda:

An increasingly moving testament to both the good and the evil humans are capable of. [...] the pair moves from suspicion to friendliness to fear to a kind of love, with utter believability.
— David Warner, Creative Loafing

Make sure you check out the review in its entirety! We couldn't be more grateful for our time in Florida this week but now we must venture north! This week the team sets their sights on Minnesota as we get ready to start our four-week Residency at the Lyric Center for the Arts

Cheers, the NWT team! x

Tampa Fringe & Opening Night!


We're here in Tampa for the 1st Tampa International Fringe Festival and we couldn't be more excited to share this play! Tonight is our Opening Night and the whole team has had a blast over the last few days! We drove all the way down to Florida from New York City in an adventure of a roadtrip! After a few days of driving, we enjoyed exploring Tampa, meeting our fellow fringers, and attending the Tampa Fringe Preview! We've been putting up posters for the show all over town and had our dress/tech yesterday. 

Come see us Tonight @ Silver Meteor Gallery at 8:30PM (5/12) | Tomorrow @ 12PM | Sun @ 6:30PM - BOOK Tickets Now!

Cheers, the NWT team! x

William Arrives & Rehearsals Begin!


We're so excited that our Rhys (William Foote) for the rest of the tour has arrived in New York from Northern Ireland! The team took a few days to adventure around the city, see the sites, and relax before diving right into rehearsals for the show (preparing for Tampa Fringe)! 

Tierney, William, and Kaija set off for the biggest leg of the tour (Florida, Minnesota, Maine, and Washington DC) in just under a week! We cannot wait to explore the country and take this show on the road!

Are you in Florida? We'd LOVE to see you at the First Annual Tampa International Fringe Festival this May! We'll be performing from May 12th - May 14th! If you'd like to book your tickets now, click here - we suggest getting them as soon as possible as they could sell out!

Rehearsals are underway and we can't wait to see you all in TAMPA!

Cheers, the NWT Cohort! x

Kara Sevda wins Audience Choice @ Ithaca Fringe!


We had an absolutely fantastic time at the Ithaca Fringe Festival this weekend! All three performances were such a blast and we couldn't have asked for a more warm and welcoming audience! Above you'll find a few pictures from our adventures in Ithaca! We loved the community there and getting to see some powerful work from our fellow artists!

Sunday evening we were honored with an Audience Choice award at the festival along with Penny Sterling and her one-woman production, A Spy in the House of Men. We're extremely proud to be taking home our first award for Kara Sevda and we're so thankful to everyone in Ithaca for kicking off this tour with a BANG!

This week, we'll be taking a wee breather before William arrives and we dive into our second round of rehearsals before traveling to Tampa!

xx, the NWT cohort 

Rehearsals are Well Underway!

We've been in rehearsals for the last week and a half for the upcoming Amercian premiere of Kara Sevda, performing at the Ithaca Fringe Festival from April 21st - 23rd! It's so wonderful to be up on our feet exploring the latest version of Lisa's brilliant play. Our stage manager, Kaija, is currently road-tripping to New York City from Minnesota - so it's all hands on deck for the Now What Theatre crew! 

We've also updated the TOUR page with the most up to date information regarding the entire Kara Sevda summer tour, make sure to check out when we'll be heading to your neighbourhood! Many of the festivals have opened their booking, grab your tickets now before the sell-out! ;)

In exactly one week we'll be in Ithaca preparing for our first show of the tour, we hope to see you there (or somewhere this summer)! 

Cheers, the entire NWT crew! x