Festival Finale & First Review!


There you have it, Tampa Fringe has come to a close after an incredibly successful and exciting weekend! We're so thankful to have been apart of the inaugural year down here in Tampa and to have met so many talented and supportive artists! We had a great run with wonderful audiences and saw some stunning work from our fellow fringers!

We also got our first tour review from Creative Loafing Tampa, who called Kara Sevda:

An increasingly moving testament to both the good and the evil humans are capable of. [...] the pair moves from suspicion to friendliness to fear to a kind of love, with utter believability.
— David Warner, Creative Loafing

Make sure you check out the review in its entirety! We couldn't be more grateful for our time in Florida this week but now we must venture north! This week the team sets their sights on Minnesota as we get ready to start our four-week Residency at the Lyric Center for the Arts

Cheers, the NWT team! x

Tampa Fringe & Opening Night!


We're here in Tampa for the 1st Tampa International Fringe Festival and we couldn't be more excited to share this play! Tonight is our Opening Night and the whole team has had a blast over the last few days! We drove all the way down to Florida from New York City in an adventure of a roadtrip! After a few days of driving, we enjoyed exploring Tampa, meeting our fellow fringers, and attending the Tampa Fringe Preview! We've been putting up posters for the show all over town and had our dress/tech yesterday. 

Come see us Tonight @ Silver Meteor Gallery at 8:30PM (5/12) | Tomorrow @ 12PM | Sun @ 6:30PM - BOOK Tickets Now!

Cheers, the NWT team! x

William Arrives & Rehearsals Begin!


We're so excited that our Rhys (William Foote) for the rest of the tour has arrived in New York from Northern Ireland! The team took a few days to adventure around the city, see the sites, and relax before diving right into rehearsals for the show (preparing for Tampa Fringe)! 

Tierney, William, and Kaija set off for the biggest leg of the tour (Florida, Minnesota, Maine, and Washington DC) in just under a week! We cannot wait to explore the country and take this show on the road!

Are you in Florida? We'd LOVE to see you at the First Annual Tampa International Fringe Festival this May! We'll be performing from May 12th - May 14th! If you'd like to book your tickets now, click here - we suggest getting them as soon as possible as they could sell out!

Rehearsals are underway and we can't wait to see you all in TAMPA!

Cheers, the NWT Cohort! x

Tampa Fringe Dates / Times Announced!


We're excited to announce the dates & times for our Tampa International Fringe tour dates! If you're in the area, we'd love to see you there!!

If you'd like to learn more about the Tampa Fringe, the locations of these events check out our Tour Calendar!

We can't wait to see you there!

xx NWT Team