PortFringe Award & Canada Bound!

We're extremely pleased to announce that Kara Sevda has earned an award at the PortFringe festival in Maine - a Critics Choice "PortFringe Pulitzer" for Excellence in Writing! 

We had a fabulous time in Maine performing at PortFringe this summer. We feel so lucky to have experienced yet another supportive and talented community of artists and audience members.

As our touring team takes a wee break before heading down to Washington DC for the Capital Fringe Festival, we turn our attention now to our Toronto Fringe Festival team! 

Actors Kat Haan & Ross Somerville perform in an Invited Dress in NYC!

Actors Kat Haan & Ross Somerville perform in an Invited Dress in NYC!

Kara Sevda will be performing at the St. Vladimir Theatre in Toronto next week! Make sure you book tickets as soon as possible to catch this gorgeous play in it's Canada Premiere!

July 6th @ 10PM
July 8th @ 7:30PM
July 9th @ 3:30PM
July 10th @ 6:45PM
July 12th @ 11:30PM
July 13th @ 1:45PM
July 15th @ 7:30PM

Kara Sevda in Toronto is directed by Liz Thaler, stage managed by Ashley Groves and will be performed by Kat Haan & Ross Somerville! Want to learn more about these spectacular artists? Check out our Artists Page for more information!

xx, The NWT Team

Surprise Review!

We're so excited to present a review from our time at Ithaca Fringe Festival in April:

The writing is vivid and evokes a terrifying, all-too-believable world; the acting is truthful and detailed; the direction is focused; and the sound design is both subtle and affecting. See it if you can.
— Amina Omari

Check out the entire review here, for an insightful and lovely look into the world of the play (but beware of minor spoilers). And if you're still in Portland catch our FINAL SHOW of Kara Sevda at PortFringe TONIGHT at 9:15pm!

Fantastic pre-show shot taken by audience member  @TBBackus !

Fantastic pre-show shot taken by audience member @TBBackus!

xx, the NWT team 


We made it and we couldn't be more excited to be in Portland for the next week! Our first show on Saturday evening was a great success and already we're overwhelmed by the warm welcome we've received!  

We have TWO more shows here at PortFringe where we'll be performing at Portland Stage Studio Theatre! Catch us TONIGHT (Tues 6/20) at 9:15pm & TOMORROW (Wed 9/21) at 9:15pm! Tickets available at the door!

We're also extremely proud to have received our first review here in Portland; check out this FIRST LOOK recommended review:

The two actors had a definite chemistry and produced quick, sharp banter, but the real draw of the show was their individual monologues…
— Mackenzie Mae

xx, the NWT team! 

Kara Sevda Trailer!

While we adventure from Minnesota to Maine this week (preparing for PortFringe) we couldn't be prouder to present our first Kara Sevda trailer featuring: Tierney Nolen as Celia, William Foote as Rhys, and original music by Ross Somerville (see below)!

We'll be performing with PortFringe at Portland Stage and tickets will be available at the door:

SAT 6/17 @ 5:45pm (tomorrow)
TUE 6/20 @ 9:15pm
WED 6/21 @ 9:15pm

We're so excited to be back in a Fringe Festival with so many talented artists, performers, and musicians! Will we see you in Portland this week? Make sure to say hello after the show - we love getting the opportunity to chat with our audience! 

xx, the NTW team