Goodbye North America!

And thus ends our FINAL U.S. festival! Thank you to the entire Capital Fringe community! We have had an extraordinary experience here and we couldn't be more grateful to everyone who came out to support the show. Our audiences have been so generous, thank you for your kind words and much love to all the new #fringeships we've made!

Four months, 9,000 miles, 6 cities, and many many tanks of gas - we are finally finishing up the big North American road trip portion of our tour! This summer has flown by and we couldn't be prouder of all we've accomplished! NEXT STOP EDINBURGH! x

Kaija, William, and Tierney moments before leaving their lovely CapFringe host in DC

Kaija, William, and Tierney moments before leaving their lovely CapFringe host in DC

Now the team will have a few days off before heading to the United Kingdom to start the next (and biggest) Festival of the tour! If you're coming to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, make sure you add KARA SEVDA to your schedule. 

We perform every night at Greenside Venue from August 4th - August 26th at 10PM  (sans Sundays) - book your tickets now

Don't forget to get in contact with us via all our social media, we love hearing from our audience! We'll see you all in Edinburgh in a few weeks - HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY EDFRINGE!

xx, the NWT cohort

FIVE STARS & Best of the Fringe

Congratulations to the entire NOW WHAT Theatre team for their ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review & BEST OF THE FRINGE from DC Metro Theatre Arts:

Lisa VillaMil’s Kara Sevda (at Shopkeepers through July 22) is an exhilarating piece of theater, masterfully and assuredly directed by Kat Haan, beautifully acted by Tierney Nolen and William Foote, thoroughly realized in this Now What Theatre production, and you should see it. It is the best thing I’ve experienced at Fringe so far. It is the best play I’ve seen this year.
— MIKE BEVEL, DC Metro Theater Arts

We are overjoyed to have received this gorgeous review ("love letter") to our show and we hope you'll snag a ticket to come to see one of our LAST THREE SHOWS in the states before heading off to EdFringe! SO, book your tickets now before we fly off across the ocean! 

xx, NWT Team