Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Welcomes Kara Sevda!

We've arrived! The festival has begun and the team has one preview under their belt! 


We couldn't be more excited to finally be here at the Edinburgh Fringe - the biggest fringe festival in the world. For all of us, it feels like returning home. This is where Kara Sevda got its start, where our company was built, and where everyone in the Now What cohort met. Returning to Scotland is such a treat and we're honoured to be here.

Kara Sevda has performed in our first preview but we've still got THREE WEEKS left of shows! Make sure you add us to your fringe schedule and book your tickets soon (here)! TONIGHT, our final preview - tickets are only £7! And if you book for MONDAY (Aug 7) or TUESDAY (Aug 8) you'll get the fabulous TWO FOR ONE deal! 

We perform MONDAY thru SATURDAY at 10PM in Mint Studio at Greenside Venues (right off Infirmary Street) - we can't wait to see you there! 

xx, the NWT cohort