Kara Sevda Trailer!

While we adventure from Minnesota to Maine this week (preparing for PortFringe) we couldn't be prouder to present our first Kara Sevda trailer featuring: Tierney Nolen as Celia, William Foote as Rhys, and original music by Ross Somerville (see below)!

We'll be performing with PortFringe at Portland Stage and tickets will be available at the door:

SAT 6/17 @ 5:45pm (tomorrow)
TUE 6/20 @ 9:15pm
WED 6/21 @ 9:15pm

We're so excited to be back in a Fringe Festival with so many talented artists, performers, and musicians! Will we see you in Portland this week? Make sure to say hello after the show - we love getting the opportunity to chat with our audience! 

xx, the NTW team